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It’s Time to PCS… Military Spouse Advocacy Network

1 March 2017 by

It’s Time to PCS…

Military Spouse Advocacy Network 

By: Rose Holland

News of a PCS can bring a mix of emotions. For spouses this includes the knowledge that we are leaving yet another job and going to yet another unknown location. So, how do you keep your career moving along with your PCS? It is not easy, but you can do it and there are a number of ways.

The first thing you need to do is dust off your resume and Linked-In profile, update them with your recent accomplishments (think what you did, how and what were the results). Realistically assess your situation. What type of positions you are looking for? Are you ready for that next promotion? Do you want to change gears and go a different direction? Are you moving to a remote location or overseas where the opportunities might not be there? Start planning before you start packing up. Talk to your supervisor and ask for their recommendations.

Now is the time to start your job search. Get organized. Keep track of your efforts and come up with a plan. Your job search should have a multi-pronged approach. You do not have to wait until you arrive. Start the process now!


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