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The Best and Worst of Hill AFB

15 September 2017 by

The Best and Worst of Hill Air Force Base

We never wanted or expected to live in Utah.

It was a culture shock, but we made the best of it, as military families have to do.

We lived there for four years.

My husband deployed a few months after we arrived. On our anniversary. I spent the first winter of my life alone with four kids. Our cat died and the basement flooded while he was deployed.

The Best of Hill AFB

Outdoors Activities

We’re not so much into winter, but I hear the skiing is wonderful. I did like how sunny winters are and it doesn’t feel very cold. We enjoyed hiking, fishing, and camping. We explored national and state parks. It is beautiful there!

Affordable Housing

We rented a humongous house with a huge back yard and there were lots of nice houses for sale. There were new ones being built all over! We knew many who chose to retire there.

Deals for Families

Since Utah is known for large families, there are many deals for kids and families. Lots of museums and other attractions have family passes or free admission for kids. There were lots of consignment sales and thrift stores.

About the Author: Jennifer Lambert is a military spouse and mother who has lived all over the world.  Jennifer has been blogging since about 2005 and blogs a few times a week about parenting, homeschooling, recipes, our travels, and sometimes military life.  Jennifer has a M.Ed. in secondary English education and was a school teacher for 10 years.  She now stays home with her children and homeschools.

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