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Join MilKids Education Consulting Stress Free PCS School Transition Challenge for FREE today! Kicks Off 2/19/2018!

7 February 2018 by

PCSing is super stressful! Let's make at least one thing easier: finding a great school for your children.

In just 5 days you'll feel more confident and empowered to:

  • Find a great school for any child
  • Move with an IEP, 504 Plan or Gifted Education Plan
  • PCS a high school student
  • Clearly explain what your child needs to your next school
  • Use laws and guidelines to have a smoother school move

Join the Stress Free PCS School Transition Challenge for FREE today! 

You'll automatically get free downloads including:

  • Ultimate School Success Kit
  • PCS School Binder Organizer
  • PCS School Transition Printables
  • Training Videos

Plus, you'll have access to a private Facebook Group! I'll be sharing advice and tips normally reserved for private clients, but you can snag everything for FREE!

These tools, plus the exclusive Facebook group, will help you feel totally confident to tackle the challenge of finding your next great school head-on!

Don't delay!

The Stress Free PCS School Transition Challenge starts on 2/19. 


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MilKids specializes in providing education solutions geared towards families of active duty, retired, reserve, and wounded service members. As our kids move around, they need an ally to ensure that they are receiving the best education possible.

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