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I just love this guest post from The Meat and Potatoes of Life . It is just what I needed to read today, New Year's Day. This post sums up exactly how I feel every holiday season. The sadness of a holiday season gone to soon. I ammissing the short time spent with family from out of town, the guiltless snacking (I would always say, "But It's the Holidays"), staying up way to late but sleeping in so it didn't matter, pj's until's just perfect. But, now it's over and the New Year is here. Time to get serious, make goals, get back to the routine of life! Thank you Lisa for this fantast... read more

As 2016 comes to a close it is often a time to reflect on your life over the past year. The New Year brings forth new opportunities and new goals for many. It is a time for resolutions and future plans. I just love this blog post from our Guest BloggerLisa Smith Molinari, owner of the Blog The Meat and Potatoes of Life . She reminds us how important it is to not sweat the small stuff. How life is full of ups and downs, many that are out of our control such as deployments, the economy, our health for example. However, she reminds us that many of our everyday choices that affect our happiness A... read more

Guest Post fromSoldier's Wife, Crazy Life What You Can Do When Your Spouse is Not Home For the Holidays Fall weather, pumpkins everywhere, sweaters, peppermint mochas and Christmas decorations appearing in the stores. Tis the season for the holidays. Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, Hannukah and New Years will be here soon and with them come a lot of memory making moments. Time with family, time together and a lot of love. However, if your spouse is deployed , the holidays take on a different tone, especially if they won’t be home until sometime in the new year. There is so much going ... read more

We are excited to share a great guest post from our friends at Although Thanksgiving may be over, these 9 tips are great for pulling off any holiday dinner when short on time. READ THE ENTIRE POST HERE! The great part about the holidays is it doens't end with Thanksgiving. So, these tips are great for the upcoming holidays as well! Enjoy and Please be sure to SHARE your TIPS in the comments below. And, have a wonderful holiday season! ... read more

The holidays are fast approaching. The holidays are a great time to spend with families and friends. Many of us, especially living in the military, live in different states from our loved ones. That means we are often traveling to visit one another. Our guest blogger, Erica owner of the Blog Whimsical September writes a wonderful post on making our guests feel welcome and loved while visiting. I love this idea and I am wonderful why I never thought of this myself. It's a great tip just in time for the holidays. I'll be sure to do this while we are hosting out of town guests this year! Hospita... read more