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It’s Time to PCS… Military Spouse Advocacy Network By: Rose Holland News of a PCS can bring a mix of emotions. For spouses this includes the knowledge that we are leaving yet another job and going to yet another unknown location. So, how do you keep your career moving along with your PCS? It is not easy, but you can do it and there are a number of ways. The first thing you need to do is dust off your resume and Linked-In profile, update them with your recent accomplishments (think what you did, how and what were the results). Realistically assess your situation. What type of positions you are... read more

5 Ways to Stay Present Through a PCS, and Beyond By SpouseLink.Org “No matter where you go, there you are.” So true on so many levels. Just likethe members ofalmost every Military Family, guest blogger and MilSpouse Laurie Borrett can relate. She has returned to SpouseLink to share with us her tips, wisdom and inspiration for making a military PCSfrom here to there… and staying in the moment every mile of the way. Read her thoughts and advicebelow. In a rare quiet moment, I allowed myself to sink into reflection. The warm soapy water at my feet swirling towards the drain, the window lazily fo... read more

SpouseLink.Org | February 12, 2017 Here’s the good news: There’s still time to shop for gifts and groceries for your Valentine! Here’s the other good news: Even if you’re not with the one you love on Valentine’s Day, you can still create a delicious meal celebrating your love for each other, and enjoy it with friends and family. And we’re about to make it a whole lot easier for you. We’ve compiled the elements of a perfectly romantic Valentine’s Day dinner for you. All of the recipes below have been adaptedfrom theMilitary Spouses who contributed to the Belvoir Officers’ Wives Cookbook (2001-... read more

Calling All Military Spouse Bloggers! JOIN THE MILITARYBRIDGE TEAM! WE ARE LOOKING FOR GUEST BLOGGERS! We are looking for military spouse bloggers in ALL categories (military life, coupons/discounts, food, lifestyle, to name a few) If you or someone you know is interested, please email us at and submit a sample of your writing. MB will Feature your blog and posts on our social media, newsletter and website. You will get a Free Listingon our website to promote your blog or website on one of the applicable pages MILITARY BLOGGERS WE LOVE MILITARY WEBSITES WE LOVE Militar... read more

5 Ways to Warm Up Your Winter by SpouseLink.Org | December 28, 2016 Editor Some winter days can seem cold, stark, inconvenient and very, very long. On the other hand, they can be festive, filled with friendly visits, offer a welcome excuse to enjoy flavorful hearty meals, and inspire projects that add sparkle to your home. To make sure your winter the sparkly kind, we’ve assembled 5 things that will help make the season more comfortable, healthier and happier. And if you’d likemore must-know winter tips, check out the SpouseLink articles below. They’ll help you stay safe in bad weather, keep ... read more