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Hampton Roads Free Wills For Veterans! For the month of November, 2015 Wilson Law PLC will be offering FREE SIMPLE WILLS ($500 value). Veterans active duty or retired service members and other local heroes such as firefighters and first responders are invited to visit the firm to legally document their end of life wishes and nominate an executor to oversee their final affairs. There are no obligations, strings attached, and zero requirements to purchase legal services. We simply want to offer our service to say "THANK YOU" for yours! BonusVeterans Day Gift: Upgrade to aLiving Trust and receiv... read more

WhenShould You ContactA Civilian LawyerInsteadOf Using A JAG? It is often a topic that many don't like to discuss or think about, writing your Will. However, it is probably one of the most imporatant legal documents that you will need to take care of. There are many reasons that writing yourpersonal will is so important and here is why! 1) You need to decide WHO will you want your personal belongings to go to when you die. If you do not specify in a will who you want to get your belongings when you die than the state will have to do it for you and this can be a very lengthy process. The state... read more