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Airing My Laundry

Airing My Laundry

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I'm blunt. I'm a military spouse.
I'm a mother to a son with autism and a loud daughter.
I like chocolate, cheese, and writing. Get directions

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Okay, so here's what happened: I got knocked up at nineteen. I know. Big oops. Especially if you come from my family. I'm an only child, my mother is a Colonel in the Air Force and my dad quit his job so he could stay home and raise me. All my life I heard, "You need to go to college, finish college, establish a career, get married and THEN have a baby." So what if skipped a few steps along the way?

I admit it, I was spoiled. I had never taken care of children before so the fact that I was going to have one was a frightening experience. How would I get through the sleepless nights, the jars of baby food that resembled slime, and oh my God the diapers?? I couldn't possibly deal with the diapers!

But I did. Somehow I managed to give birth (and I won't lie, there were drugs involved) and become a Mom. I told my son Tommy right off the bat that I was sorry if I dropped him on his head, if I fed him the wrong food and if I put his diaper on backwards..I asked him to help me out, which I admit was a big favor to ask of a one-day-old.

The good news? I'm still here. And the even better news? My kid is still alive! I currently stay at home with him and attempt to write novels in hopes of one day being published. I take college classes on the side and I darn my husband's socks. (I'm kidding about that last bit. What does darning socks even mean?? )

I haven't mentioned the father. Don't worry, this isn't one of those sob stories that you see on Lifetime. No, what happened was this: I told the father, whose name happens to be Tom that I was pregnant. He had just finished basic training in the Air Force and I thought he might take a hike in the opposite direction or accuse me of sleeping around. Instead he married me. I had known Tom for two years before I had gotten pregnant--we dated in high school after all. So it wasn't just a wham bam thank you ma'am fling that had impregnanted me. Nope it was a series of...you know what? I don't need to go into those details. He knocked me up, hooray, that's all you need to know.

We were married on December 10, 2001. I was seven months pregnant.

I wonder what the guy who married us was thinking? (Oh man does ANYONE wait until marriage anymore??)

Anyway, it all worked out. On March 19th, 2007 I gave birth to a little girl named Natalie who is not afraid to use her lungs.

Tom is still in the Air Force which means we move around every couple of years. So far we've been to the following bases:

Offutt AFB, Nebraska
RAF Lakenheath, England
FE Warren, Wyoming
Tinker AFB, OK

If you need to contact me, my e-mail is Princess543@yahoo.com or airingmylaundryblog@gmail.com

**I have a book available on Kindle. It's called The Swimmer's Assistant and it's priced at .99 cents or FREE if you have Amazon Prime. You can purchase it here.**
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