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Foxtrot & Pennies- Military Life On A Budget

Foxtrot & Pennies- Military Life On A Budget

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Foxtrot & Pennies: Conquering military life on a budget

Over 620,000 military families struggle with just buying food and 26% of military spouses face unemployment. At Foxtrot & Pennies we write about ways for you to have more money. We found that many military spouses struggle to get from paycheck to paycheck. This is why we are so passionate about showing you how to use your military resources to save money, make money from wherever you’re located, and overcome the challenges of military life.

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About the owner: 

See the thing is, a few years ago I was broke.

Like, literally flat broke. I had this beautiful, wonderfully squishy little baby boy and I knew I needed to be home with him. I was home, by myself (because I gave birth while my hubby was in basic) and I was actually less stressed than when I was at nursing job. Not to mention my husband just signed up with the military and I knew there would be traveling involved.

Speaking of my husband, he was starting over too. He went from a pretty decent career as a correctional officer (and patrol officer on the side) to the military– which he loved– but living on solely a low-ranking military salary cut our monthly income by well over half of what we were previously bringing in. And eventually, that cushy bank account dwindled.

And the stress started.

I was a little surprised to find out that I was NOT alone. Not only are military spouses facing up to 26% unemployment rate due to PCSing and other military life factors, but there are also approximately 620,000 military families that seek assistance just to feed their families.

I fell in love with helping other military spouses face these challenges.

Every day is a new day, a new chance to turn things around. So what are you waiting for?

Find out more about our story here. 

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