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Happy Fit Navy Wife

Happy Fit Navy Wife

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Hi, I’m Heather Goffrier, a US Navy Wife of five years…

… mom of a sweet 2-year-old girl, and wife to a hilarious and handsome Navy pilot. We have lived in the four corners of the country and have fully embraced the military lifestyle, even with the bumps and bruises it brings along the way.

In my pre-military life I was an elementary PE teacher and a high school basketball coach. I love health, sports and fitness… and also sitting on the couch with a book, watching movies, and chatting on social media.

I met my husband when we were set up by our parents. Crazy right? Our families were friends but we had never met each other. We were actually set up to email, because he was on deployment. We “virtually” hit it off right away and wrote daily, straight through the last 5 months of his deployment on the USS Ronald Reagan.

He returned from deployment and the day after Thanksgiving, 2008, we met AND had our first date. And the rest is history.

We got married in San Diego in January 2010, and 5 days later moved across the country to Rhode Island. Welcome to military life! LOL. After more cross-country moves and a couple years of trying to get pregnant with no luck, we were blessed with our little princess– she is our delight!

I started HappyFitNavyWife in 2012 to encourage other military spouses, girlfriends, and fiance’s through the ins and outs of this challenging lifestyle. Now I also share parenting stories, mommy life tips that I’m learning along the way, and our journey of infertility.

I also created a free download called the “Top 10 Homecoming Do’s & Don’ts List,” which is my gift to you for visiting today! Grab your copy here.

My eBook: The New Military Wife’s Guide To Deployment

Dear military wife or girlfriend going into your first deployment, or anyone eager to have a positive, motivating and fulfilling deployment while you carry on the responsibilities of two people,

Over the past eight years I’ve gone from being lonely and discouraged during deployments, to positive and fulfilled when my husband is away. Even though I miss him like there’s a hole in my heart, I’ve discovered how to stay motivated, get myself off the couch, and have fun while he’s gone.

When I was first married, I struggled with motivation during deployment. We had just come off a move to a new city when hubby deployed, and I let myself dwell in negativity. Instead of trying to reach out and make friends, get connected and find a support community, I mostly kept to myself.

But I learned something that changed everything. I learned how to turn a miserable, lonely deployment into an enjoyable time where I felt positive, motivated and fulfilled.

I had the renewed energy and motivation to strengthen my support network, build relationships, and start having fun!

I wrote “The New Military Wife’s Guide To Deployment” to share all that I learned with you, so that you can avoid the negativity I wallowed in for way too long.  Learn more....

eBook Price: $9.97

Military life isn’t easy but it’s worth it to be with the ones we love. I hope my stories, tips and experiences can help you along the way. Thanks so much for stopping by!

Heather =)

ps- If you have a homecoming approaching, you don’t want to miss this list!

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