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Mission Statement – From our military experience, we have learned over the course of time that there are several businesses that extend themselves to military members through exceptional service and/or military discounts.  Our goal is to connect those that sacrifice for our country, to the businesses that sacrifice for them.  Whether you’re Active Duty, National Guard, Reserve, Military Dependent, Veteran or a Retiree, MB strives to be a resource to the best Local, National, and Online Military Discounts and Military-Friendly Businesses in your military community.  MB also shares FUN things to do in your military town, great local and national military related programs, and military appreciation events on our social media pages.  Thank you for being a part of MB!

VETERANS DAY:  Be sure to check out our BIG LIST OF VETERANS DAY DISCOUNTS & FREEBIES FOR 2015!  There are over 150 offers and more keep rolling in so check back frequently.  Also, stay tuned as we are in the process of redesigning our website.  MB is adding on REVIEWS and RATINGS on businesses and services. Military members and families will be able read reviews on the best schools, doctors, dentists,  restaurants, fun things to do and more. Honest reviews by military members/families for military members/families.  We are excited to launch this NEW FEATURE.  Check back for updates!


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