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5 Ways to Stay Present Through a PCS, and Beyond

1 March 2017 by

5 Ways to Stay Present Through a PCS, and Beyond

By SpouseLink.Org

“No matter where you go, there you are.” So true on so many levels. Just like the members of almost every Military Family, guest blogger and MilSpouse Laurie Borrett can relate. She has returned to SpouseLink to share with us her tips, wisdom and inspiration for making a military PCS from here to there… and staying in the moment every mile of the way. Read her thoughts and advice below.

In a rare quiet moment, I allowed myself to sink into reflection. The warm soapy water at my feet swirling towards the drain, the window lazily fogging with steam. Through the steamy bathroom window my eyes resting on the view. Dazzling sunlight, relentless waves breaking along shore, surfers dotting the water. Right, so I’m washing my hair while looking out at views of the Pacific. Utterly overwhelmed with gratitude for the amazing journey that is our life.

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About Laurie Borrett:

Laurie is an ACE certified health coach, yoga instructor, avid runner, recipe creator, travel fanatic, and lover of all things fitness. She and her family currently live in San Diego, CA. A Marine Corps wife and busy mama to daughter Olive Kate, when Laurie is not teaching yoga or blogging, you can find her out running the gorgeous California beaches and trails, taking a yoga class, sampling local fresh eats, developing recipes, and just loving every second of being a mama. You can find her online at thepaisleyolive.com.

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