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Have you ever thought about signing up for a Tough Mudder? Now is your chance to grab some friends, make the commitment and go for it! Tough Mudder has just launched a new military discount program in appreciation of the military community. MILITARY DISCOUNT Tough Mudder is Proud to Offer 30% off all US TM/TMH/5K participant tickets. Good for unlimited uses expiring12/31/2019. ABOUT TOUGH MUDDER Tough Mudder is not a race. It’s a challenge. It’s miles of mud and obstacles designed to test teamwork and grit. It’s the ultimate social experience, because our courses are engineered so that teamwo... read more

Summer always seems to go to fast. Hard to believe it's time forBack To School Shopping. I'm never quite prepared for the expense of back to school shopping from clothes to shoes to school supplies it's amazing how quickly it adds up. To help fellow Military Families save some money at the register we've put together a list of Best Back To School Military Discounts To Help You Save. BACK-TO-SCHOOL CLOTHES, SHOES & ACCESSORIES Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Hilfiger is Proud to Support the Military Community with an Online 15% Military Discount Off Your Purchase with verification. You will find the Mili... read more

7 CRINGEY PCS Stories as told by Military Families PCS season is upon us. It’s July and we’re smack dab in the Middle of the biggest Military holiday south of Military appreciation month and the 4thof July (Did I say south?…PCS Brain). Like it or not, if you’re a Military family then you’ll be picking up your life and moving away to start a new journey else- where. We’re basically nomads without the teepees. Cheers to a little laughter and much more crying, here are 7 CRINGY PCS stories as told by Military Families! -Becca Glass “Our second PCS as a family we were moving from Detroit, MI to J... read more

7 Things You Need to Know About Flying Space-A to Rota, Spain Sunshine, beautiful beaches, delicious food, and convenient access to cities all over southern Spain – that’s what you get when flying into Naval Station Rota. It’s one of the easiest U.S. bases in Europe to reach from the continental U.S., and it should definitely be on your list if you’d like to take advantage of Space-A for leisure travel. To help you plan your trip, here are seven things to know about flying Space-A to Rota. If you are new to Space-A flying, read this Quickstart Guide to Space-A Flights first to get a basic und... read more

GLOBALLY ATTENDED ANNUAL EVENT HELD TO EMPOWER LOCAL CHURCHES World Renowned Speakers to Visit Virginia Beach for Wave Conference VIRGINIA BEACH, VA (Aug. 2018) - An event featuring incredible music, world-renowned speakers, and workshops for every walk of life is being held locally in Virginia Beach, VA. It is no surprise that this event attracts thousands of attendees from all across the globe each year. This annual event is Wave Conference, hosted by Wave Church and senior pastors Steve and Sharon Kelly. “Wave Conference exists to champion the cause of the local church and see lives change... read more