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Effective January 1, 2024, active-duty military personnel have been granted the right to be compensated for moving costs associated with one household pet due to a permanent change of station transition. The shift costs for either one canine or one feline incorporate travel expenses within the nation or abroad, and any other movement necessities, as stated by the Joint Travel Regulations Office. Ever since Lloyd J. Austin III, the Secretary of Defense, assumed his role, he has focused his efforts on enhancing the support provided to Defense Department staff and their families through his camp... read more

Hubble Honors Heroes: Exclusive Military Discount Hubble , sees the extraordinary efforts of the U.S. Armed Forces, Veterans, and Military Families, and they believe in giving back to those who give so much. That's why Hubble is proud to offer an exclusive military discount as a token oftheir appreciation. Hubble Contacts was created out of the desire to make contact lenses accessible and affordable to as many people as possible. Over the years,Hubble has continued to evolve and adapt to the changing needs oftheir customers, and expandtheir product line along the way to also include high qual... read more

Happy 83rd Birthday to our U.S. Coast Guard Reservists! MISSION The United States Coast Guard Reserve is the reserve component of the United States Coast Guard. It is organized, trained, administered, and supplied under the direction of the Commandant of the Coast Guard through the Director of Reserve and Military Personnel. The mission of the Coast Guard Reserve is stated in the Reserve Policy Statement issued in 2004: The U. S. Coast Guard must be prepared to respond to a wide range of contingencies at home and abroad in accordance with the authorities and responsibilities vested in the Ser... read more

Great news for Military Kiddos, the National Military Family Association has announced the 2024 Operation Purple Camp locations for 2024!Applications are NOW OPEN! Since 2004, Operation Purple Camp has served over 64,000 Military Kids. Operation Purple Camp is a free week long camp available to military children from all military branches. Operation Purple Camp's mission is to help alleviatethe stresses of military life and connect with kids just like them. It's a great opportunity. Below are the announced locations of the 2024 camp season. While at an Operation Purple Camp your child will en... read more

Nothing says "I love you" like a beautiful bouquet of flowers. As you probably would suspect, a lot of flowers are sold on Valentine's Day. In fact, approximately 224 million roses are grown for Valentine's Day alone. What is even more astounding is cut flowers account for nearly $2 billion dollars spent annually for Valentine's Day. According to statistics, men are the biggest purchasers of flowers for Valentine's Day at 73%. As a military spouse, there were many occasions that my husband and I spent Valentine's Day apart. In general, we never planned anything to elaborate for Valentine's bu... read more