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Examples of Recommendations:  Businesses, Services, Apartments, Neighborhoods, Schools, Military Non-Profits or anything else you feel we should have on our website as a resource.

Do you have a recommendation of a great business, place to live, or military resource MB and fellow military members need to know about?  We would love your recommendation so we can work to get it added to our website.  The staff at MilitaryBridge strives to connect our military members & families with the absolute best businesses in their area and we couldn't do it without your help!

Our criteria to be a listed businesses on MilitaryBridge include at least one of the following: financial benefits/military discounts, seamless unquestionable service, and an understanding of integrity and dedication, similar to that of our outstanding men and women in uniform.

If you know a business that meets our criteria, please let us know by filling out the fields below.  Please don't forget to leave your REVIEW so we can get that added as well!

All businesses will be reviewed and if they meet our standards they will be included on MilitaryBridge.

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Thank you for your recommendation, MB will work to this business added. If you like, please submit your review and we will list it along with the business.