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Operation Rock The Troops

27 October 2014 by

 Operation Rock the Troops(ORT)

OUR MISSION: An inspirational movement that gives back through entertainment and music
education for our American Troops and their families.

Join Us for the Movie Premiere of Operation Rock The Troops Coming this Veterans Day~ find out more about the Documentary Movie, from Award winning Producer Matthew JC, that just signed a World Wide Distribution Deal through Vision Films. The Documentary features the journey of the JC AllStars and their mission to rock the troops all over the world!

From the director:  My name is Matthew JC from Dallas Texas, and I am the Director of the documentary movie, Operation Rock The Troops. For the last 10 years I have had one mission, to hand out over 100,000 copies of my Operation Rock The Troops CD to our US Troops for free. In that time I have completed 6 World Tours, to 13 Countries and have performed with my performance group, JC AllStars at over 40 Military Bases. But how we got there is what makes our journey unique as we found to be successful, you have to give before you receive.
We are now a pending 501c3 company which was created to help us continue our mission to tour for our US Troops but now we will also be giving free Music Lessons to our US Troops and their family as we tour.

This is where you come in. We would be honored if we could tell our story on your show and let the public and Military personal in your viewing audience know what we are doing and offer them a chance to be apart of this amazing journey.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I hope you enjoy our trailer, as there is nothing more important to our team then finishing what we started, as it has and will always be an honor.

Operation: Rock The Troops Movie Trailer-
Link: http://vimeo.com/108687269

The JC AllStars

The performance group assembled to lead the charge has performed 6 World Tours to 12 countries directly on military bases. Their goal is to hand out over 100,000 copies of their ORT CD for FREE, personally to the troops!


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