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Ways To Stay Connected With MB With The Changes To Facebook

23 February 2014 by


If you enjoy receiving our Facebook posts on Local, National, and Online Military Discounts, plus receiving  great local military related events, programs, and of course great military pictures, than PLEASE read and SHARE this message with your friends!!

Changes have been happening on Facebook.   Basically, you are no longer seeing all the updates from all of the pages that you “LIKE” on Facebook.  You may be seeing some posts but not all.  The reason being, Facebook now wants businesses to pay to promote their posts in order for your followers to see them.  Therefore, they are limiting the number of posts that you may be seeing from a business that you have “LIKED”.  This poses a big challenge to small business owners as it can get very expensive to pay for your followers to view the information that you share on Facebook.

Facebook is a very important way that we like to SHARE information at MilitaryBridge.  It is a way to keep our followers up to date on the latest news, events, and discounts in your local area.  Therefore, if you want to be absolutely guaranteed that you don’t miss a post from us here are some ways that you can follow us and not miss out on any updates:


There are a couple options to increase the likelihood that you will see our FB post updates:

*HIGHLY RECOMMEND: When you “LIKE” our page or if you already “LIKED” our page, you can Click the drop down arrow on the “LIKE” Tab and check “GET NOTIFICATIONS” and check “SHOW IN NEWS FEEDS”.  By doing this you will get a notice whenever we put up a new post.  This will ensure that you receive or have notification of ALL of our posts.

*Be sure to LIKE, COMMENT, and SHARE our posts.  Your interaction will help in receiving more of our posts.  Visit MB on Facebook!



Are you on Twitter? All of our Facebook posts are also on Twitter.  Click here to follow us on Twitter!



Follow our weekly newsletter/MB Blog; subscribe here!  We send out 2-3 emails per week that share our featured local discounts.  We will be adding more information to this email to include military related events around town and online military discounts to make sure you are covered with all the updates.



Google Plus is another great opportunity to connect and keep up to date with MilitaryBridge.  Follow MB on Google Plus by clicking HERE.



MB is new to Pinterest but we are sharing all information from FB on Pinterest.  So if you are a pinner please follow MB HERE!


Visit our website frequently at www.militarybridge.com  to keep up to date with all of our updates and featured businesses and military discounts in your area.

Thank you for being a part of MilitaryBridge!  We hope that what we share with you is important to you in your military life! 

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