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Wearable Hope is donating $10 with every t-shirt purchase to Dogs On Deployment, Help Support This Great Cause Starting August 5th!

4 August 2014 by

 Please show Dogs on Deployment and our military members your support this week! $10 goes directly to the cause with every t-shirt purchase! This provides resources needed to supply military members with a service to find resources for their pets during times of military commitment. www.wearablehope.com

Thousands of military members nationwide are deployed every year, fulfilling a commitment made to serve and protect their country. Their service requires many sacrifices, including leaving loved ones (human and animal alike) behind. But support organizations like Dogs on Deployment -- a nonprofit that helps service members find volunteers willing to foster their pet during deployment -- help lessen the burden. Since 2011, 460 pets in need have successfully been fostered in temporary care during their owner's military commitment.

 Wearable Hope, a charitable initiative created by the team at Austin-based BuildASign.com, is kicking off a two-week campaign with Dogs on Deployment on August 5th. The campaign is aimed at helping raise much-needed funds for the nonprofit to ensure they can continue providing our military members with a service to care for the pets they leave behind.

For two weeks, Dogs on Deployment will be featured on the Wearable Hope homepage, giving supporters the opportunity to purchase custom-designed t-shirts supporting the cause, with $10 of each purchase going directly to the organization. The remainder will be invested back into BuildASign.com's Giving Program, which provides in-kind support and assistance to non-profits across the country. Since its inception, Wearable Hope has donated more than $22K back to 36 partner organizations through its weekly campaigns.

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