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Flight for Fallen Families Military Non-Profit

15 September 2014 by


~Every Monday MB likes to feature some of the great military related non-profits in this country.  This week's featured non-profit is Flights for Fallen Families~ 

There are over 85,000 military related non-profits since 9-11.  I feel it an honor and duty to share as many great programs out there to help our military members from active duty, to veterans, to military families, to reserve and guard members, and even pets of military members.  There are so many fantastic non-profits available to help in all aspects of military life.

This Monday, I would like to feature a brand new military related non-profit with a very noble mission~Flights for Fallen Families.  Please take a moment to read some background on this program and help spread the word so more and more military families can learn about their great cause.

Flights for Fallen Families Mission Statement:

Flights for Fallen Families is an organization dedicated to reimbursing the funds spent by unapproved family members traveling to witness the dignified transfer of their fallen soldier. A dignified transfer is the process by which, upon the return from the theater of operations to the United States, the remains of fallen military members are transferred from the aircraft to a waiting vehicle, and then to the port mortuary. Witnessing this solemn movement is a very distinct and powerful moment for families of fallen soldiers. It is the first time they see their hero's flag draped coffin, and for some, the first moment on the long and winding path to acceptance. We believe that nobody should have to miss this because they are worried about paying to get there. We want to take some of the financial burden of such a tragic event off of the family members who are not approved to travel at the government's expense by reimbursing them for their travel arrangements.

Background Story:

On May 28th, 2014, we lost our hero. PFC Jacob H. Wykstra of 1st Battalion, 12th Infantry Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, was killed in the Kandahar Province of Afghanistan when his blackhawk helicopter crashed. We quickly learned after the news of his death that we had the option to fly to Dover Air Force Base to witness the dignified transfer of his body - his solemn homecoming. It was extremely important that as his immediate family, we all be there. Unfortunately, two of us were not approved to fly at the government's expense, and we had to buy our tickets out of pocket. When we returned home, we discovered that there was no one organization dedicated to reimbursing family members that had to pay to travel to Dover. We understand not only the emotional burden of losing a soldier - but also the financial burden that some family members may face. This is where we come in. Through an applications process, we want to pay for the travel arrangements of unapproved family members who have traveled to witness their hero's dignified transfer. 

Donate or Contact Flights for Fallen Families to learn more on ways to help

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Help us spread the word about our cause! You never know who will see! The more people who know and contribute, the more families we can help!! 

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