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I Got My SpouseBox and It's Awesome!

24 July 2015 by

I just returned from a long trip visiting family.  I returned exhausted and longing to sleep in my own bed.   We visited family from both my side and my husband's side of the family.  We spent sleepless nights on couches and deflated air mats.  Don't get me wrong, it was wonderful to visit with so much family and long over due but I was tired and ready to be home.  

A little cranky from a long and tiring vacation, I noticed something sitting at my door front.  I suddenly found myself transitioning from irritable to giddy.  It was a package in the mail and it was for me!!   I rarely receive a package in the mail and if we do receive one it is almost always for the kiddos.  But, this one it was for me.  I was like a kid in the candy store.  I was so excited to open up my very own box of goodies, my SpouseBox has arrived :)  I am so thrilled and excited to open up my first SpouseBox.  

What is SpouseBox you might ask and why am I so excited?

SpouseBox is a monthly subscription care package for and by military spouses! Discover amazing military community made products. We're the perfect gift to give yourself or a military spouse friend!

What's in a SpouseBox?

5-7 handpicked goodies from brands you know and love AND military spouse and veteran made products.

Who founded SpouseBox?
Adrianna Lupher & Krystel Spell are the co-founders of SpouseBox.

How can brands get in a SpouseBox? 
Contact us at inside@thespousebox.com

What if I have a question about SpouseBox?
Contact us at info@thespousebox.com

How do subscriptions work?
A limited number of subscriptions are available each month. Subscribers get free shipping. The cut off day to receive the current SpouseBox for sale is the 1st of the month. Subscriptions renew on the 15th of each month.

Let's get started and check out all the goodies that are in my July SpouseBox. This month is all about Red, White, & You, #SBoxSquad! 

My SpouseBox waiting at the front door......

July SpouseBox Theme ~ Red, White, & You

Goodies Inside.....

Items in July's SpouseBox:

  • The Cookie Cups~ 6 gourmet cookie cups by www.TheCookieCups.com
  • "Let Freedom Ring" Coaster from Krafty Kat
  • "Hello Gorgeous" Smart Phone Wallet by SpouseBox Signature
  • Dream it, Do it print by Dawn Nicole 
  • I Heart America Decal by Little Craft Company
  • Frame~SpouseBox Bonus Goodie

Thank you SpouseBox for the wonderful surprise waiting at my front door.  I love all the products and I especially love that they are from fellow military members/spouses.  You definitely made my day and put a smile on my face.

Check out SpouseBox and be sure to get in on the August SpouseBox or subscribe to receive a SpouseBox monthly.  They go fast so hurry and get signed up.

To learn more about SpouseBox below are different ways you can connect:

  • Twitter, Instagram, & Periscope: @SpouseBox (Hashtag: #SBoxSquad)

Please help Spread the Word on this fantastic company!  And, enjoy your SpouseBox!

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