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What You Can Do When Your Spouse is Not Home For the Holidays-by Soldier's Wife, Crazy Life

2 December 2016 by

Guest Post from Soldier's Wife, Crazy Life

What You Can Do When Your Spouse is Not Home For the Holidays

Fall weather, pumpkins everywhere, sweaters, peppermint mochas and Christmas decorations appearing in the stores. Tis the season for the holidays. Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, Hannukah and New Years will be here soon and with them come a lot of memory making moments. Time with family, time together and a lot of love.

However, if your spouse is deployed, the holidays take on a different tone, especially if they won’t be home until sometime in the new year. There is so much going on and when they are gone, you know they are going to be missing all of it. You know your kids will be missing their Dad a little bit more during this time of year and when you think about years past you can’t help but tear up thinking about what they will be missing this year.


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