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MilitaryBridge Launches Newly Designed Website To Address A Void In PCS Resources. Check Out The New Website Broken Down.

27 September 2016 by

We are so excited to announce our newly designed website is LIVE!

Want to know more about What You'll Find on the New Website?

MB has broken down the site and added snapshots to give you a glimpse into all the New features.

We also have information on HOW YOU can Be a Part of The MB Community.

MB has added on several new features to better serve the military community in the PCS process. We realized that there was a huge VOID in resources for military members & families when PCSing to new military communities.

Our mission is to help take the stress out of military moves by providing the opportunity for military members & their families to leave or read REVIEWS on best businesses, services, apartments, military housing, neighborhoods, schools, and military installations.

This site is not only for those moving to new military communities but also can be a value for those already living in a military town in reading reviews from fellow military members & families when looking for military-friendly businesses & services.  This is a new twist on your traditional review sites such as Yelp, Angie's List, or TripAdvisor.  MB provides not only a place to leave or read reviews but also a place to learn About Best Businesses, Services, Where to Live, and Schools.

Our reviews come solely from the military community, those that get the military way of life and frequent moves.  

We will also continue to share what we were founded on and that is providing a platform in sharing best businesses, services, military discounts, military appreciation offers, and resources.

MB would like to highlight some of the NEW FEATURES and SHARE how military members and their families can use the MilitaryBridge website


Learn about, Read or Leave a Review on best businesses & services in your military town.  Categories include Recreation & Entertainment, Food & Dining, Dentist, Medical, Churches, Travel, Professional Services to name a few.

Military members (active, guard, reserve, retired, veterans, dependents) can help in two ways...

(1) First, if you see a business already listed that has treated you well and you would recommend to a fellow military member or military family please Leave A Review for that business/service.  

(2) Second, if you do not see a business/service that has treated you well and you would feel good about recommending it to the MB community.  You can simply click the Recommend A Business link where you can leave your recommendation and your review to be submitted.  MB will work to get that business/review listed.

You can get started by creating an Account.  It's simple and free.  Get started here!

Military Discounts & Military Appreciation Offers: MB continues to share what we were founded on and that is best businesses known for great service and/or military discounts and military appreciation offers.  You will notice that businesses are tagged with Military Discounts and Specials.  We also added on a National Military Discount section highlighting popular nationwide discount programs.  We also share an Online Military Discount section with great deals for military members from online retailers.

Take me to Businesses & Services (Enter Change Base to Check out Other Bases)

(2) Where To Live Section

Apartment Search, Military Housing Search, Neighborhood Search which you can search within a radius of your military base.  This also provides a place where you can LEARN ABOUT what these places to live have to offer such as their amenities.

(1) Search by filters such as Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Rent Range, Radius from the Military Base

(2) The apartment search also has tags for Military Discount, Specials, Rental Partnership Program (RPP) 

(3) Not only does our Apartment Search allow military members & families to search an Apartment, Military Housing, Recommended Neighborhood all within a Radius of your Military Installation.  You can also Search Where To Live in correlation to Best Schools in the area from our partners at GreatSchools.org.  

(4) The recommended neighborhoods come from military members & families recommendations or through research on most popular neighborhoods for military members & their families.

Take me to Where to Live (Apartments, Military Housing, Neighborhoods)  (Enter Change Base to Check out Other Bases)

MB understands that when moving to a New Military Community one of the First Questions is Where to Live.  If you have Children a Big Concern is Best Schools in the area.  

We hope that in providing a Resource in Finding Best Places To Live in Correlation To Best Schools this will be helpful in taking the Stress out of PCS.


MB is working on adding on SCHOOLS in your Military Community allowing YOU to leave military specific reviews to help other military families moving to a new community.  

We also have teamed up with GreatSchools.org to provide an additional resource in learning about best schools in your military town.  Again, YOU can help in Leaving a Review on your favorite school (preschool, private school, public, or college) or Recommend a School.

Take me to Schools  (Enter Change Base to Check out Other Bases)

(4) Military Installation Information and Reviews

MB has added on a section for Military Base Information, Important Base Links, Helpful Blog Posts, and Reviews

We have seen it over and over, military members and families getting orders to a new base and having no idea of what to expect or what it is like.  This section is to allow military members and families a VOICE in Sharing the GOOD, the BAD, and the UGLY about a Military Base.  

We also added on Important Base Links which links to Social Media Pages for the particular base along with the Military Installation link to phone numbers and base information.  

Take me to Base Reviews & Information (Enter Change Base to Check out Other Bases)

(5) Military Resources Section (Military Non-Profits, Military Programs, Military Bloggers We Love, and Military Websites To Follow)

MB continues to share military related non-profits, programs, websites, and bloggers that share information on all aspects of military life. There is so much support available for military member's active duty, guard, reserve, veterans, retired, and their families that we hope to provide a place where you can learn about them.  

Please feel free to Recommend any that we might have missed.

Take me to MB Non-Profits & Programs, MB Bloggers We Love, Military Websites to Follow

(6) Coming Soon....Real Estate Awards Program (R.E.A.P)

Our Real Estate Cash Back Rebate Program will Launch Soon!  

R.E.A.P the benefits.....with the MilitaryBridge Real Estate Awards Program (R.E.A.P)

Buying or Selling your home? MB is working on something really BIG to help Military members and their families with the moving process.

MB will be launching our REAP Program soon. We are teaming up with the best real estate agents around the country who understand the unique needs of the military community. Our partners are eager to serve you and make your military move a little less stressful while saving you money.

(7) Coming Soon....List Your Home For Sale or For Rent

MB understands that the military community is unique and experiences frequent military moves. With frequent military moves comes the need to possibly LIST YOUR HOME FOR RENT or FOR SALE.  Our mission is to connect YOU to THE MILITARY COMMUNITY by offering a FREE LISTING.  Stay Tuned, this new feature will be launching soon!

Q and A: 

(1) How do I Join the MB Community?  How do I go about Leaving a Review or Recommending a Business?  

-In order to leave a review, you will need to sign up for an Account via email/password.  This ensures the quality of our reviews and deters spam.  It is easy to Sign Up for a MB account.  Simply click the link here to Register. Once you have registered, Review Away!  

(2) What does MB Partner Mean?  

-MB does partner up with companies that have great reputations in their military communities or come recommended by a member of the military community.  MB allows both free listings and promoted listings.  MB Partners have chosen to be a promoted listing because they want to share their service and/or military discounts with the military community.  MB features their business in an effort to highlight what they have to offer with the military whether it be great service and/or military discount/appreciation offer.  Our goal is to bridge the gap between Military Members & Families and their Local Military Communities that Love to Serve them!

(3) Is my email and password safe?

-Yes, MB requires registration via email and password to ensure the quality of users and protect against spam reviews.  We do not sell, trade, or otherwise transfer to outside parties your personally identifiable information.  You can learn more about our Private Policy here

(4) My base does not have a lot of information, when will other locations be available?

-MB is working on growing our new review resource as quickly as possible.  We are continually adding on more information on businesses, services, where to live, and schools.  The areas that are most populated include Hampton Roads, Virginia, San Antonio, Texas, Washington D.C., Maryland, and Florida.  YOU can HELP by recommending a business, service, place to live (apartment, military housing, or neighborhood), and school (public, private, preschool, college) and leaving a review.  This is a JOINT EFFORT in GROWING this RESOURCE.

(5) Will all the new features be available on the mobile?

-Yes, MB has moved towards a Responsive Approach website design therefore all the information translates to the mobile from the website.  However, we are in the process of reformatting the mobile making it more user friendly.  Therefore, all features will be available on the mobile shortly.  You will find most new features but we are reworking locations of some items.

Contact MB if you have any questions

Thank You For Being A Part Of The MB Community!

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