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**Military Spouse Blogger Spotlight** Moms Don't Sleep- Military Life On A Budget

25 April 2017 by

We love sharing our fellow military bloggers.  Bloggers are such a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of military life.  Milspo Bloggers are a great resource for learning tips about PCSing, Deployment, Health & Wellness, Budgeting/Couponing, Raising Military Kiddos, and Lifestyle Blogs.  We love their insight and passion for helping others by sharing their stories.

MB will be featuring Military Spouse Bloggers every week in effort to highlight their blog and topics shared.

This week's feature goes out to Moms Don't Sleep

Please take a minute to get to know Kara - the creator of Moms Don't Sleep. She is the wife of an Airman and the mom of a beautiful little man. She created Moms Don't Sleep to bring helpful resources and products to other Military families.

Moms Don't Sleep helps families use their resources to conquer military life while saving money and living on a budget! 

ABOUT:  Not only do military families struggle but spouses also face incredibly disappointing rates of unemployment (up to 26%!). My goal for this site is to help military spouses thrive. I want them to have all the resources they need to be able to budget, save money, start a PCS proof business, find their independence, succeed as a parent and a spouse, and get through anything that military life throws at them (and trust me, it’s a lot!)

Moms Don't Sleep is dedicated to providing you with resources to help you take control of military life 

What You'll Find On Moms Don't Sleep

Moms Don't Sleep Blog

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