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7 April 2017 by

Having a ton of extra money isn’t something a lot of military spouses experience.

In fact, recent studies have shown that an alarming 26% of military spouses face unemployment challenges, and living on one income can be difficult. You cut expenses, and budget your finances, and find ways to save but you still wonder why you can’t get ahead.

Every holiday, birthday party, or non-monthly expense (like oil changes or other annoying money-sucking expenses that always pop up at the worst times) causes you to lose sleep. It causes tears and arguments with your spouse.

The solution is actually pretty simple, believe it or not.

Most of us grow up learning the logical life lesson of “getting a job”

Want that pricey toy? Do more chores.

Want to buy a car? Get a job.

Get a job. What an easy answer to not having money, right?

I got a job as a busser when I was 16. I wanted an $800 DSLR camera and I was brought up to work for what I wanted. I saved up my tip money all summer in an old shoe-box and bought it. I was really proud of myself, mainly because I have literally zero patience and I wanted that camera now.

The story sounds a little different for the military spouse though.....



Kara is the creator of Moms Don't Sleep. She is the wife of an Airman and the mom of a beautiful little man. She created Moms Don't Sleep to bring helpful resources and products to other Military families.

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