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How To Prepare for Warrant Officer Basic Course (WOBC)

12 July 2017 by

How To Prepare for Warrant Officer Basic Course (WOBC)

From the moment we received notice that Logan had been selected to become a warrant officer, we were excited! Who wouldn’t be? What we weren’t thinking about was how much money we were about to shell out in preparation for Warrant Officer Basic Course or WOBC (pronounced Wo-Bic) and what it would entail. Logan did know that he needed to be in great shape for the course, but that was about it, and there are typically only a few short months between the time you find out you’ve been selected and the beginning of the course. As the start of the course approached, I realized how much we weren’t prepared. I would have killed to have had the information I’m about to share with you before Logan was selected.

The Warrant Officer appointment ceremony takes place the second week of school after passing their PFT’s. Logan got to choose where he wanted to be pinned and was able to spend the rest of the day with us. School resumed the following day, bright and early. And so, as the course kicked into high gear and months went by, I began writing things down, talking with Logan, and even interviewing his squad mates for information that would help others who were considering putting in a package for warrant officer.

So here it is, my list (compiled with the help of other Warrant Officers) on how to prepare for Warrant Officer Basic Course:


Sincerely, Sarah Anne


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