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The Best and Worst of Hickam AFB

24 August 2017 by

The Best and Worst of Hickam AFB

You either love Hawai’i or you don’t love Hawai’i.
I knew people who resented not having cooler weather or who didn’t like sand or beaches. What?!
We were surprised to get stationed there for three years.
Living in Hawai’i isn’t the same as a vacation there. But every single day, there’s a rainbow!
We lived on base. My son was born in Hawaii. We loved it and the kids still call it home. We long to go back!
I couldn’t limit my list to just 10 items!
Best of Hickham AFB
1. Beaches
All beaches are open to the public.  We love the beach life!


About the Author: Jennifer Lambert is a military spouse and mother who has lived all over the world.  Jennifer has been blogging since about 2005 and blogs a few times a week about parenting, homeschooling, recipes, our travels, and sometimes military life.  Jennifer has a M.Ed. in secondary English education and was a school teacher for 10 years.  She now stays home with her children and homeschools.

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