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Here We Are Just Surviving A PCS From Hawaii

26 December 2018 by

How are we surviving our latest PCS? Boy oh boy. It’s been the most interesting one for sure, but in a nutshell, we haven’t totally flipped our wigs yet. We’ve been close, but everyone is still alive and functioning. Every day I remind myself that we are just out here living and SURVIVING A PCS LIKE A BOSS!

Let me start with Carlos. #TeamCarlos left the island before any of us. He flew the friendly skies with Delta Airlines and spent a month with my in-laws. Dude is still acting like he’s at his grandparents’ house. They allowed him to sit on the furniture or in their laps and do pretty much whatever he wanted. So now he thinks someone should always hold him and that he should hop in the car whenever it pulls out.

When A Stranger Entered Our Lives

The rest of the family flew out a month later; we departed HI June 22 at 9:00 pm and had very little sleep on the plane. During our flight out of LAX, we met a very nice young man who approached us about having a beautiful family. He called us the FAM WITH AMAZING SMILES. We started chatting as we waited in line to board our flight. Had a delightful conversation, laughing and talking about our destinations and lives.

My family was tired and just wanted to get on the plane and sleep. Once we boarded the flight, we all realized our seats were together, except for my husband. Of course, he always gets a seat away from everyone else. I swear he plans it that way. LOL Just kidding. His reservations were separate from ours due to the way the military booked the flight. Well, guess who was sitting on the row with the girls and me? That’s right. The nice guy we met. He offered to switch seats with hubby so the FAM WITH THE AMAZING SMILES could sit together.

Our flight landed in TX and my family deplaned. As we walked away, I heard, “Hey FAM!” He handed me a note and told us to have a blessed trip and to continue smiling. I don’t know why, but it warmed my heart. Maybe knowing how tired we were, but knowing someone could still see the light of my family made me proud. You see, my husband promoted to Commander in May. During the speech the Admiral talked about having a great family behind you to support you and that we are a beautiful family and that’s just something you cannot fake. I almost cried, but I don’t cry. My cousin, however, was crying. Girl, what are you crying about? Lol So to have a complete stranger confirm the words said about your family from someone who had 1.5 years to observe was heartfelt. Anywho…(stay focused MomJonz!).

The Note That Helps With Surviving This PCS

I opened the note as we walked to our next gate cause look, I had to make sure this dude wasn’t saying he was going to blow a plane up or something.

His words, OMG. His words were exactly what we needed. We were unsure if this was indeed the right move for our family. We said Yes to a change of already unexpected orders. Orders that we were not thrilled about receiving, cause who wants to leave Hawaii? And then to have a call about changing those orders to a location that I said I would NEVER return to. Was the decision of buying a home in the area the correct one? Is this the correct move for our children? Are we just chasing a dead end? So many worries were swirling in our minds. I mean, we talk about having faith, but this was a big move for us with so many unknowns. I mean, ten months orders. That’s no time.

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MomJonz is a mother and fellow military spouse who wants to empower and inspire others to live life to the fullest.  Sharing her stories in hopes of letting others know they are not alone in this journey called life.  Find her over at an amazing group to get a more intimate connection. Be inspired and empowered by other women who are living, growing, enjoying life and most importantly, being REAL.



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