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Got Orders? PCS Proof Your Military Child’s School Transition

7 February 2018 by

Got Orders? PCS Proof Your Military Child’s School Transition

Those PCS order just hit…cue the insanity. If you’re moving with school-aged children, the process just got a whole lot harder. School transitions are super hard!

Not only are you moving all of your things and your family, you’re also going to be searching for schools. With so many options out there, it’s a lot to take in.

Instead of freaking out, make your child’s school move as seamless as possible!

PCS Proof Your Military Child’s School Transitions

Now, just like regular PCSing, moving your child’s move easier is never a 100% guarantee. But when you follow this plan, those school transitions are going to be way easier! Scout’s honor.

PCS Binder

I know. You’ve already got one, or maybe four, of these bad boys floating around. Trust me, you need one more.

Here’s why:

Your child needs specific documents and forms in order to enroll in school at your next duty station. And you need to get those quickly at a moment’s notice. Instead of shuffling through the endless sections and folders of your current PCS binders, just make each child their own dedicated school binder.

Plus, having a school-only binder makes it easier to corral your research into finding the best school ever in your new hometown!

Make finding your next school way easier with MilFam Friendly School Concierge Service, exclusively from MilKids Ed

Do Your Research

You’ve been scouting out your next assignment since orders dropped, and maybe even before that. Now is the perfect time to drill down on finding a great school.

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