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Why Hiring a School Search Concierge is Perfect for Military Families

13 March 2018 by

Why Hiring a School Search Concierge is Perfect for Military Families

You might need a School Search Concierge…and not even know it! Every day, my Facebook feed is flooded, and I mean overflowing, with one kind of question: “I’m moving to XYZ. Which school should I send my kids to?” It’s a totally valid question. Just not one that you should ever rely on Facebook to answer for you.

If your kid has a rash, do you ask Facebook (your friends or a group) to diagnose it for you? No, you go to the doctor. They’ll prescribe some medicine and give you qualified advice.

When your car is making funky sounds, you don’t turn to your social media connections for a fix. You might ask about the best mechanic in your location, but you’re probably not going to DIY auto repair based on some advice you got on Facebook.

Going through legal trouble? It’s probably not wise to rely on the stuff your friends are telling you online. You’re more likely to head to the nearest base legal office or request law office recommendations.

So why is it that so many of us are depending on our Facebook friends to point us toward the best schools?

Crowdsourcing your information can seem like a great idea, at first. You post your “which school” question and you’ve got answers almost immediately. And they just keep on coming in. Over days, weeks, and sometimes months, different people will comment and provide you with their “advice.”

And a lot of that advice is contradictory. One person loves loves loves school ABC, and another person hates it. Someone thought the courses at school 123 were fabulous and super challenging; someone else thought their child was bored.

If your child also has medical or educational differences (special education, 504 Plan, gifted and talented), the floodgates will open even more. “Your child sounds exactly like my child and we did super great at…” “Based on what you’ve posted, I think that your child has…”

Suddenly, everyone is an expert. You’ll be quickly overwhelmed with options and opinions.

Instead of Facebook experts, use an education professional!

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