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17 April 2019 by


Do you love to buy in bulk? If so, the DECA Case Lot Sale might be a great opportunity for you to SAVE money. 

DeCA's worldwide case lot sales happen in April and continue through May, during which record numbers of commissary customers save up to 50 percent or more on bulk-sized products. 

Commissaries worldwide will be conducting this sidewalk sale starting in April and continuing through May 31. The sidewalk sales are planned in conjunction with May’s Military Appreciation Month. Every commissary worldwide will have a weekend two- or three-day outdoor (weather permitting) sidewalk sale, offering extra savings including special deals on some case and club pack items. Several commissaries will be partnering with their neighbor, the exchange.

The dates below reflect upcoming Case Lot Sales. Always check with your commissary for date changes or cancellations before you go. Case lot sales may be cancelled due to weather or other events beyond our control. Commissaries are not responsible for early sell out of items during case lot sales due to high customer volume or limited product availability.

Below is a list of current sale locations and start dates (click the link below to get the entire list of upcoming Case Lot Sales) 

Aberdeen PG, May 2-4
Air Force Academy, Apr. 18-19
Albany MCLB, Apr. 18-19
Alconbury, Apr. 18-21
Altus AFB, May 17-19
Anchorage Area, May 16-18
Andersen AFB, May 24-26
Ankara, May 25-26
Annapolis NSA, May 17-19
Ansbach, May 4
Arnold AFB, May 2-4
Atsugi NAF, May 3-5
Aviano AB, May 31

Bangor ANGB, May 1-4
Bangor NBK, May 19-19
Barksdale AFB, May 2-5
Barstow MCLB, Apr. 25-27
Baumholder, May 16-18
Beale AFB, Apr. 16-18
Bolling AFB, May 3-4
Bremerton NBK, May 4-5
Bridgeport MCMWTC, Apr. 16-19
Buckley AFB, May 16-18

Cairo, May 3-4
Camp Carroll, May 3-6
Camp Casey, May 17-19
Camp Courtney MCB, Apr. 19-20
Camp Foster MCB, May 17-18
Camp Humphreys, May 17-19
Camp Kinser MCB, May 17-19
Camp Kure, May 17
Camp Lejeune MCB, May 1-4
Camp Merrill, May 15-18
Camp Pendleton MCB, May 16-19
Camp Zama, May 2-5
Cannon AFB, May 17-19
Carlisle Barracks, May 2-4
Charleston AFB, Apr. 18-20
Charleston NWS,May 15-18
Cherry Point MCAS, May 3-5
Chievres AB, May 18-19
China Lake NAWS, May 1-4
Chinhae, May 1-3
Columbus AFB, May 1-4
Corpus Christi NAS, May 2-4
Crane NSA, May 9-11
Croughton, Apr. 19-20

Daegu, Apr. 16-18
Dahlgren NSF, May 2-4
Davis-Monthan AFB, Apr. 26-28
Dover AFB, May 16-19
Dugway PG, May 1-3
Dyess AFB, May 16-19

Edwards AFB, May 2-5
Eglin AFB, Apr. 19-20
Eielson AFB, May 3-4
El Centro NAF, May 2-5
Ellsworth AFB, May 1-4

F. E. Warren AFB, May 17-18
Fairchild AFB, May 16-19
Fallon NAS, Apr. 16-19
Forest Glen, May 17-19
Fort Belvoir, May 23-26
Fort Benning, May 2-5
Fort Bliss, May 14-17
Fort Bragg North, May 16-18
Fort Bragg South, May 2-4
Fort Buchanan, May 25-26
Fort Campbell, May 17-18
Fort Carson, Apr. 19-21
Fort Detrick, May 9-12
Fort Drum, May 15-17
Fort Eustis, May 16-18
Fort Gordon, May 2-4
Fort Greely, May 1-4
Fort Hamilton, May 16-18
Fort Hood – Clear Creek, May 1-4
Fort Hood – Warrior Way, Apr. 18-21
Fort Huachuca, May 3-4
Fort Hunter Liggett, May 3-4
Fort Irwin, May 1-3
Fort Jackson, May 16-18
Fort Knox, Apr. 18-21
Fort Leavenworth, May 1-4
Fort Lee, May 24-26
Fort Leonard Wood, Apr. 19-21
Fort Lewis, May 17-20
Fort McCoy, May 17-18
Fort Meade, May 2-4
Fort Myer, May 16-19
Fort Polk, May 16-19
Fort Riley, May 15-18
Fort Rucker, Apr. 18-20
Fort Sam Houston, May 16-19
Fort Sill, May 16-18
Fort Stewart, May 2-5
Fort Wainwright, Apr. 19-21
Fort Worth, May 29-31

Garmisch, Apr. 25-28
Goodfellow AFB, May 3-5
Grafenwoehr, May 17-18
Grand Forks AFB, May 2-5
Great Lakes NS, May 15-18
Gulfport NCBC, Apr. 17-20
Gunter AFB, May 1-4

Hanscom AFB, May 3-4
Hario Village, Apr. 19
Harrison Village, May 3-4
Hickam AFB, Apr. 25-29
Hill AFB, May 16-19
Hohenfels, Apr. 27
Holloman AFB, May 17-18
Hunter AAF, May 16-19
Hurlburt Field, May 17-18

Imperial Beach, May 30 - June 2
Incirlik AB, May 4-5
Iwakuni MCAS, May 16-18
Izmir, May 8-11

Jacksonville NAS, May 16-18
JB Andrews AFB, May 2-4

K-16 Airfield Commissary, May 17-19
Kadena AB, May 17-19
Kaneohe Bay MCBH, Apr. 12-14
Keesler AFB, Apr. 25-27
Kelley Barracks, May 15-17
Key West NAS, May 1-4
Kings Bay NSB, May 2-5
Kingsville NAS, Apr. 17-19
Kirtland AFB, May 24-26
Kodiak, Apr. 19
Kunsan AB, May 17-19

Lackland AFB, May 15-18
Lajes Field, May 15-18
Lakehurst NAES, May 9-11
Lakenheath, May 18-19
Langley AFB, May 2-4
Laughlin AFB, Apr. 16-19
Lemoore NAS, May 16-18
Little Creek Navphibase, May 2-5
Little Rock AFB, May 23-25
Livorno, May 9-10
Los Angeles AFB, May 2-5
Luke AFB, May 1-4

MacDill AFB, May 2-5
Malmstrom AFB, May 16-18
March ARB, May 16-18
Maxwell AFB, Apr. 17-19
Mayport NS, May 1-4
McChord AFB, May 1-4
McClellan, May 2-4
McConnell AFB, May 16-19
McGuire AFB, May 2-4
Memphis NSA, May 17-18
Menwith Hill, May 13-16
Meridian NAS, May 30-31
Mildenhall, May 18
Minot AFB, May 15-17
Miramar MCAS, May 2-5
Misawa AB, Apr. 19-21
Mitchel Field, May 16-18
Moffett Field, May 3-5
Moody AFB, May 3-5
Mountain Home AFB, May 1-4

Naples NSA, May 10-11
Nellis AFB, May 2-5
New London, Apr. 26-28
New Orleans NSA, May 17-19
New River MCAS, Apr. 29 - May 1
Newport NS, Apr. 16-19
Norfolk NAVSTA, Apr. 26-28
North Island NAS, May 2-5

Oceana NAS, May 2-5
Offutt AFB, May 1-4
Ord Community, May 3-5
Orote, May 17-20
Osan AB, May 16-19

Panzer Kaserne, May 9-10
Parris Island MCRD, May 15-18
Patch Barracks, May 9-10
Patrick AFB, May 16-18
Patuxent River NAS, May 3-5
Pearl Harbor, May 17-19
Peterson AFB, May 3-4
Picatinny Arsenal, May 3-4
Pittsburgh Area, May 23-25
Port Hueneme, May 16-18
Portsmouth NNSY, Apr. 18-21
Portsmouth NSY, May 15-18

Quantico MCB, May 16-19

Ramstein AB, May 4-5
Randolph AFB, May 3-5
Redstone Arsenal, May 2-5
Richards-Gebaur, Apr. 19-20
Riyadh, May 24-25
Robins AFB, May 2-5
Robinson Barracks, Apr. 19-21
Rock Island Arsenal, Apr. 23-24
Rota, May 15-16

Sagamihara, Apr. 19-21
San Diego NB, May 16-19
San Onofre, May 30 - June 2
Saratoga Springs, Apr. 19-20
Sasebo, Apr. 19-20
Schinnen, May 25
Schofield Barracks, May 2-5
Scott AFB, May 17-19
Selfridge ANGB, May 3-5
Seymour Johnson AFB, Apr. 16-18
Shaw AFB, May 16-19
Sheppard AFB, May 3-5
Sigonella, May 14-17
Smokey Point, May 16-20
Spangdahlem Air Base, Apr. 19-21

Tinker AFB, May 17-19
Tobyhanna, May 3-4
Travis AFB, May 2-5
Twentynine Palms MCAGCC, May 2-4
Tyndall AFB, May 2-5

Vance AFB, Apr. 18-20
Vandenberg AFB, May 23-26
Vicenza, May 17-19
Vilseck, May 16-17
Vogelweh, May 18-19

West Point, May 17-19
Whidbey Island NAS, Apr. 18-21
White Sands, May 16-18
Whiteman AFB, May 4-5
Whiting Field NAS, May 23-25
Wiesbaden, May 3-5
Wright-Patterson AFB, May 16-18

Yokosuka NFA, May 18-19
Yokota AB, May 1-4
Yongsan, May 2-5
Yuma MCAS, Mar. 28-30
Yuma PG, Apr. 9-10

CLICK HERE to learn about more upcoming Case Lot Sales. You can also learn more about your local commissary and be linked to the store's web page where you can find additional store information including phone numbers, contact information, local store information and other upcoming events.

Plus, learn about the new CLICK2GO online shopping/curbside pickup service now available at participating Commissaries and coming to more soon!

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