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Costco is Honoring the Military Community with a Military Membership Offer!

2 May 2019 by


Our family has been a loyal Costco member for over 15 years!  We have been lucky enough to always have a Costco nearby wherever we have been stationed.  Why our family chooses Costco?  This boils down to three simple words:  Quality, Savings and Selection. 
Costco stands behind their products.  Costco has a very generous return policy on membership and merchandise with some exceptions.  In the rare occurrence where I have not been satisfied, Costco has always taken the product back, no questions asked.  These times are few and far between because Costco carries nothing but high-quality products for less. This is what we love most!  I know that I can trust the quality of the Kirkland brand along with other product lines they carry.  I also know that I am going to save when I buy at Costco.  Bottom lin: higher quality products for less.

The last reason that our family has been loyal Costco members for over 15 years is the selection.  There are certain things that we have always bought at Costco--electronics, jewelry, patio furniture, plants and household items such as toilet paper, paper towel, laundry detergent and organic foods, just to name a few. Costco has an excellent selection of products from furniture to food to everyday essentials.  I am a huge fan of Costco and would highly recommend a membership to anyone considering it. 
There is no better time to sign up for a  Costco membership than just before the kick off of summer this Memorial Day Weekend.  Grab your exclusive military savings below!
Exclusive Military Offer From Costco!
Join Costco as a new member and receive coupons for free products and other great savings, valued at more than $60. Sign up for this exclusive promotion.
This offer is available for all Members of the United States Armed Forces, Veterans and their families. 
In order to receive this offer you must verify your military status with Sheer ID---Get started below!
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