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Legacy, America’s #1 male fertility clinic, supports military as the preferred provider for the US Department of Veteran Affairs

13 December 2022 by

Legacy is a digital fertility clinic that offers sperm testing & freezing for members of the military. Legacy is committed to supporting active military, veterans, and their family members. Because they believe service and sacrifice should be honored, not an obstacle to starting a family. 

Veterans and members of the armed forces have 2x the risk of infertility. Due to the often stressful and dangerous nature of the job, service members are faced with greater risks to their health, including their reproductive potential. Data from Veterans Affairs reveals that veterans are about twice as likely to experience infertility than the general population.

Unfortunately, the military’s healthcare system offers limited options for couples diagnosed with infertility, and no coverage for proactive fertility preservation. That’s why Legacy’s affordable options for testing and freezing sperm are so important.


1 in 7 couples experience infertility – 50% is due to sperm health. Test and freeze your sperm from home with Legacy, America’s #1 male fertility clinic. Get your results in less than 48hrs. Legacy is the preferred provider for the Navy SEALs, Green Berets and the US Department of Veterans Affairs.

Get what you need for less by purchasing testing, freezing, and/or supplements together. Plus, check out their bundles below & save!  

Military members can check with insurance options on Legacy's military landing page (link below) to see if you're eligible for coverage at little to no-out-of-pocket cost. 

MB participates in affiliate programs therefore we may receive a small commission when you make purchases from our links, helping us continue to bring you awesome military deals :)

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