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Linking Military Spouses Around the World

SpouseLink.org™ is a free website that supports, informs and inspires Military Spouses with a variety of content — everything from pop culture to important Military information.

Our philosophy is simple: Military Spouses matter.

SpouseLink.org was created by AAFMAA, a non-profit, membership association that supports the American Armed Forces community with affordable insurance and widow survivor assistance services. Military Families call AAFMAA when they need help, from how to navigate confusing benefits to next steps after losing a loved one. They’re always looking for new ways to support the Military community, and after several AAFMAA members’ spouses suggested a website just for MilSpouses, AAFMAA created SpouseLink.org.

Here in the SpouseLink community, our editors bring you the best videos, stories and resources through a fun and easy-to-use site.

We’re also excited to announce that we recently launched the SpouseLink mobile app! This social network is the first of its kind – a community created just for Military Spouses and their loved ones by a brand that really gets MilSpouse life. Make new friends, and keep up with your existing ones. Join and create groups based on your needs and interests.  Need a place to give or get inspiration, support or trending Military information?

Download the app today so you can always stay up to date with your secure, customizable digital Military Spouse community!

Find and share what matters to you.



We know that PCS often means that you have to leave a job you love, or at least one you have relied on and grown accustomed to over the last couple of years. You don’t need to wait until you’re settled into your next post to find another gig. Use these easily transferable and portable Military Spouse job resources, career planning tips and tools to set yourself up for professional success in your next town or city.


See what’s trending in the Military Spouse community. Read up on (or contribute) different ways to enhance every part of your life – whether it is throwing a better party or cooking a tastier treat for your family or friends. We know there are a lot of different aspects to your life, and this is a place to inform yourself and find inspiration for any interest you may have.


Finances can be a source of stress for any family, but when your life changes and moves more than the average civilian’s, so can your budget. Find ways to make the most of your Military Family’s finances. Inform yourself on just about every financial topic – from avoiding debt, to saving for college. With the right advice and information, Military Spouses here inspire each other to be confident in all money-related decisions and situations.


Being a parent is the hardest job in the world but also one that doesn’t come with a paycheck or a guidebook. It gets even harder when your service member is deployed and you’re responsible for all the decisions that go on in your household. Get the support you need to keep your Military Family going strong and organized, when together and apart.


We all know Military Life is full of transitions. While change is good, it can also be hard on a family. Stay ahead of each move and transition with SpouseLink, where Military Spouses who have been in your shoes give advice and share stories on how to get through each significant change. Use this information to help your family’s transition in or out of the Military, as well as to different places in between, go as smoothly as possible.

Well Being

It probably falls on your shoulders to make sure everyone in your family is doing okay. If you are overwhelmed, or looking for ideas to make this easier, you are not alone. Take advantage of your community’s shared experiences and get a little inspiration Military Spouse support. There are always things you haven’t thought of that will help you make sure your Military Family is safe, healthy and happy.

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