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The Military Move

The Military Move

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Anchored Together: A military resource for PCSing and lifestyle blog to help families that serve our country in a variety of topics.

Kelsey et Soleil: Combining technological skills, post graduate education, and strategy to help small businesses and bloggers further their business goals and create more time to do the things they love to do. 


As I grew up in a military family, I know first hand the sacrifices that spouses and children give for this country. Who knew that 20 years later, I would stumble into a relationship with a Coastie and eventually marry him. As the girlfriend and fiance, I was an outsider, as most are. A college graduate and then new teacher, I was just trying to deal with my own career and life. I knew I would marry this man, but I did not know all that would completely accompany it. I dealt with moves, TDY, schools, etc. There was so much to learn and not many resources. It didn’t come until after we were married that I would receive some more insight.


As a new spouse, I was excited to have a built-in community to teach me, support me, and on those long deployments (long is a relative term for each individual) drink some fruity drinks, eat ice cream, and dance around my living room. What I actually learned is that I found a few friends in our multiple moves who I treasure today that ultimately helped me.

Anchored Together

The ultimate goal behind "The Military Move" is to help all military families (and their loved ones) with the day-to-day issues we face and to become that friend when you have questions. The list of information and guidance on here is not limited but includes financial issues, moving, educational benefits, homeschooling, public and private schools, travel deals, and deployments to name a few.

No matter what your service member does, no matter what branch they serve, this site is here to serve you.

Serving 30 years as a support system for three branches (Air Force, Army, and Coast Guard), I know there are so many topics, situations, and ordeals that we face over the years. We cover topics ranging from education to finances, moving to insurance.  I hope you find a gem in the sand while you are here.  Please reach out if you do not as that is something we would love to cover to help others like you.

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Kelsey et Soleil

Kelsey is a former teacher spending 7 years in elementary education.  She has a B.S. in Education and Masters in Ed. Technology.  She currently is the owner/operator of Kelsey et Soleil.  She specializes in blog management, guest blogging, and copy editing.

Interested in her managing your blog or discuss how you can start working with her, see her business page by clicking here.



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