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White Gloves Optional

White Gloves Optional

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About Me

I am a military spouse.
I’m also a mother, friend, business owner, marketing professional, equestrian, avid food lover, uninspired decorator, and rather useless crafter.
As we navigate the challenges of military life, it often feels like all of those other components of who we are fade under the weight of “military spouse”.
the moves
the deployments
the trainings
the new friends
the bands
the goodbyes
the homecomings
the folded flags
It sometimes feels so big, this military life, so much a part of your life – what’s left for us?
After 12 years, 8 moves, too many deployments/TDYs/field exercises, I don’t have it all figured out. But I have collected resources, built a village to support my family & I, and learned some lessons. There is no one way to be successful as a military spouse, but I’d love to share with you the ways I’ve found to smooth the way.

Where should you start on White Gloves Optional?  **Coming Soon**

Build a military life that powers you to thrive!

Connect with other military spouses & build a village-you don't need to navigate military life along.

The MilSpouse Toolkit

I've gathered my favorite resources-from organizations to services to Facebook groups to bloggers-to help you find what you need!

Military Spouse Careers

Continuing your professional trajectory, filling PCS gaps in your resume, or pivoting to work from home-military life adds a whole new spin on career choices.

Build Your Village

It takes a village to navigate military life-deployments, TDYs, moves and finding yet another dentist.

Military Traditions

It's simply easier when you know what to expect. Military balls, living on post, promotions and more.

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