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3 Ways to Show Servicemembers You Care

As the holidays come and go throughout the year, we know how to support our troops. The routine is established and the major celebrations are taken care of. The lone warriors are adopted for a Thanksgiving meal. Christmas means cookie drives and big unit parties. Deployments equal a rally cry for care packages. A big breakfast is arranged for Easter, with an egg hunt for all the kids. It’s easy to volunteer for functions and make an impact during big seasons.

But there is a whole other year full of days where often service members are standing alone. Perhaps they are experiencing their first overseas tour of duty. They may be without their families, making the best of a hard situation and in need of encouragement.

What can we do in the off-times? What are we doing then to extend a hand, lend support, and show up for one another? These may very well be the moments where extra care is needed most.

The following ideas are dependent on the relationship to the servicemember and if it is appropriate with rank.

3 ways to reach out to Servicemembers between holidays


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