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If you are stationed in Hampton Roads, I highly recommend you visit The Virginia Air & Space Center in Hampton, Virginia. The VASC is also thevisitor center for NASA Langley Research Center and Langley Air Force Base, VASC features hands-on aviation & space exhibits spanning 100 years of flight, more than 30 historic aircraft, space flight artifacts and a giant-screen 3D IMAX Theater. What's new at The VASC? Virginia Air & Space Center OpensTwo New Permanent Exhibits, Robots 3D and the Robotics Lab! The Virginia Air & Space Center is pleased to announce theopening of the new permanent exhibit... read more

Another great Halloween opportunity from our partners at Virginia Air & Space Center Get your tickets now for this 23 year running Halloween Bash event coming October 25th. There will be loads of FUN and Activities. Plus, be sure to check out VASC on MB to see their great #militarydiscount offers ... read more

New summer exhibit at The Virginia Air & Space Center! Space Racers: Adventures in Space Exploration opens upJuly 12! This brand new exhibit for preschoolers age 3-6is being created in partnership with the new animated children’s series Space Racers.I had the honor of doing a sneak peak tour before the kick off celebration July 12th and I was so impressed! Kids are going to LOVE this new exhibit and all of the hands on activities it has to offer. Below you'll find some details on the new exhibit and about the events for Saturday's kick off celebration. You'll also get to see an inside look at... read more

Press Release: New IMAX® 3D Theatre Documentary Brings To Life the Historic Landing That Changed the World [HAMPTON,VA ] May 16, 2014 – The Virginia Air & Space Center and 3D Entertainment Distribution invite audiences to step back in time with the new IMAX® 3D theatre film “D-Day 3D: Normandy 1944,” which opens at the Riverside 3D IMAX Theater on May 23. In May 1943, World War II is at its apex. To counter Hitler and the Axis forces, the Allies decide to open a second front on the western side of Europe. The Allied forces, led by US General Eisenhower, have just months to organize the operat... read more

Take flight to the Virginia Air & Space Center the official visitor center for NASA Langley Research Center! The Virginia Air & Space Museum features interactive aviation exhibits spanning 100 years of flight , more than 30 historic aircraft, a hands-on space gallery, unique space flight artifacts, and more! Your imagination will soar as you launcha rocket, pilot a space shuttle, program Mars rovers for a mission, become an air traffic controller,fly an airplane, and climb aboard a WWII bomber! Come face to face with the Apollo12 Command Module that went to the moon, a Mars meteorite, a three... read more