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As Military families, we are no stranger to moving and doing it often. We all know that PCSing is hard but with a baby or toddler, it can feel a lot like running in a marathon that you never prepared for. We’ve done it almost TWICE now, 20 hours, once with a baby and now with a toddler and neither of the two are better. While I can’t promise that I have all the answers, I come bearing the gift of tips and tricks to survive a cross country pcs with a baby or toddler. Keep reading for a chance at keeping your sanity and may the PCS odds ever be in your favor. This post is sponsored by Britax US... read more

Everyone loves to travel to new places and experience new things but no one loves the costs associated with it. Let’s face it, traveling with a family can add up quickly and as Military families, we don’t tend to have a whole bunch of disposable income laying around. Accommodation costs have the power to eat up the majority of a travel budget quickly, leaving little room for things like entertainment and activities …aka the things that actually make the trip worthwhile. We’ve come up with a few Military travel discounts and ways that Military families can save BIG MONEY on travel accommodatio... read more

I’ve recently become obsessed with listening to Military Spouse Podcasts! As a busy Mom, Spouse and Entrepreneur; I don’t always have the time to sit down and watch videos or read blogs. Podcasts seem to be the perfect solution to that, it allows me to listen to amazing content while multitasking throughout my day. In my search for podcasts, I’ve found some amazing Military spouse podcasts to tune into. Not only do they “Get It” they all bring something different to my daily inspiration. Here are 5 Military Spouse Podcasts that Should Be on Your Radar! MILITARY SPOUSE PODCASTS DEAR MILFAMILY ... read more

15+ MILITARY SPOUSE AND VETERAN OWNED BUSINESSES TO SHOP THIS HOLIDAY SEASON It’s the MOST WONDERFUL time of the year! For a ton of reasons, Christmas is our absolute favorite holiday. Family, love, Christmas movies, baking and gift giving is why it’s the season to be jolly. Like most people, I truly enjoy Christmas shopping but I tend to put a ton of thought into the gifts that I’m giving to loved ones. Sure, department store shopping is fun, but I love love love small business shopping that’s especially veteran or military spouse owned. If you’re looking to holiday shop with a purpose this ... read more

9 REASONS WHY MILITARY SPOUSES SHOULD BE OVER-EMPLOYED It’s no secret! Human Resources offices in companies everywhere run the other way when they hear “Military Spouse”. Spouses of Service members have everything from gaps in employment to complete changes in career path. We may have worked at Starbucks one year and as a bank teller the next. Our resumes for sure leave companies dizzy, confused and even scratching their heads. Even if we are qualified by educational standards, our resumes are being tossed to the side as soon as they land on HR’s desks…they avoid us like a plague. Despite mos... read more