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Osan Air Base is a hidden gem on the Space-A circuit. The culture, cuisine, shopping, and sites of South Korea rival major destinations around the world, plus the civilian airport is easily accessible from the base. Shuttle service from Osan AB to Seoul (the capital of South Korea) is inexpensive and convenient, making a hop to Osan a cheap and easy way to start your adventures in Asia. Whether Korea is your destination, or you’re just passing through, here’s what you need to know about flying Space-A to Osan AB, South Korea. If you are new to Space-A flying, read this Quickstart Guide to Spa... read more

Getting ready to take a military hop? Make sure you have everything you need to be comfortable, entertained, and travel-ready! Here’s how you can prepare for Space-A travel. Table of Contents Documentation What to Wear on a Space-A Flight Layer #1: Lightweight Shirt Layer #2: Thin Fleece Jacket or Vest Layer #3: Lightweight Insulated Jacket Layer #4 Windbreaker Other Clothing What to Bring Small, Lightweight Sleeping Pad/Mattress Travel Pillow Travel Blanket or Sleeping Bag Ear Protection Water Bottle Kindle or Other E-Reader Portable Charger For the Kids: Movies and Games Other Essentials Do... read more

Photo Courtesy of Every few years we tell our parents that we are moving. Moving further away and even though they are happy for us career-wise, a little piece of them is saddened about missing out on the grandkids growing up. Our kids didn’t have the opportunity to spend the night with their grandparents whenever they wanted or hang out at their house all weekend. They also didn’t have the chance to cuddle up with their favorite book for grandma or papa to read to them. One of my fondest memories as a kid is sitting with my granny and listening to her to read The Little ... read more

Everyone loves to travel to new places and experience new things but no one loves the costs associated with it. Let’s face it, traveling with a family can add up quickly and as Military families, we don’t tend to have a whole bunch of disposable income laying around. Accommodation costs have the power to eat up the majority of a travel budget quickly, leaving little room for things like entertainment and activities …aka the things that actually make the trip worthwhile. We’ve come up with a few Military travel discounts and ways that Military families can save BIG MONEY on travel accommodatio... read more

Episode 16 Disaster PCS PCS season is coming! I've been through four now, and I've had smooth ones and bumpy ones. Sometimes, okay all the time, when going through a move, things feel so out of control. Well, we can still control some aspects of our moving process. In this episode, I talk to Bobbi Pack of Lost During My PCS and Todd Ernst of PCSgrades to talk about things that military families can do to be proactive to ensure a great PCS, but also what to do if things go wrong. Bobbi Pack is the founder of Lost During My PCS, the spouse of an active duty soldier and mother of two amazing kid... read more